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Call For Entries - April 1st Deadline

No Entry Fees for Earlybird Deadline: April 1st, 2009!

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The Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival is dedicated to philosophy films that exemplify the pursuit of knowledge through the moving image. Films that guide us through the questions and speak to the human condition.

Film is Philosophy expressed through the medium of image- realized through light, shadow, and sound.

The Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival is currently accepting short film submissions in all genres and categories from professional and student filmmakers from around the world.

To submit your film or video, please see visit

Mission Statement

Films have been often characterized as being essays on the human condition. In an essay, one should gather insights about the philosophy that guides the questions and attitudes of the work. Films should be no different. Film is Philosophy expressed through the medium of image- realized through light and sound. Presented and structured in such a way as to foster debate in the public and private forum.

The Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival welcomes all those films using the image median to question how we think and how we interact with the world. Films that question what it is to exist. What it is to know. What it is to love. What it means to be ethical and objective. What it is to experience. What it is to…

We welcome films aware of their role as provocateur in a world where answers are more readily available than questions. Films that use dialogue, story, image, style, tone and theme to confront our universal values and confront how we understand our experiences. Films that use ideas as a laboratory to explore the human condition.

In both style and content, we welcome all films that embark on the difficult and rewarding journey towards knowledge and better understanding.

The Cinema of Philosophy

The Cinema of Philosophy presents the major philosophical questions and ideas to a mass audience though the medium of film and video. Using the Moving Image art form to question our assumptions and rationalizations about what we experience in our everyday lives. Filmmakers aren't moved to create cinema to define reality, but rather to question it.

Probing into even our basic notions of Life, God, and Human Nature inevitably lead to richer, more meaningful understandings of our attitudes, our Philosophies, and our place in the world. In the discipline of cinematography, it is the angle at which you approach your characters and ultimately your story that is as important as anything. Philosophy approaches questions and ideas in ways very few other disciplines can.

The Cinema of Philosophy delves into all that we accept, what we are mystified by, what we are scared of, what we overlook, what we believe in, what we think we know. Philosophy Films exemplify this exploration.

The Cinema of Jean Renoir, Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovsky, Federico Fellini, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jean-Luc Godard, Roy Anderson, Francois Truffaut, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, Stan Brackage, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Luis Bunuel, Chris Marker, Wim Wenders and many others.

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