Sunday, October 11, 2009


After much deliberation, we have decided that the Directors Choice Award will be given to "In the Fall of Gravity," a unique animated philosophy film directed by Ron S. Cole of the United States. You can see video clips and production stills, read the directors statement, and learn about the making of the film at the Directors blog.

For more information about the Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival and the 2009 program, visit the archives at our website.

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R.S.Cole said...

Thank You APFF and Thank You Samuel Dyches!

What an honor to receive this award from a festival specifically created to showcase films that dig a bit deeper into those questions and concepts where the soil is heavier and laden with stones.

I honestly never expected for my film to ever win any awards at all, it's content is the kind of thing that challenges the audience to find a meaning not obviously contained in within it's frames but within the viewer - not the sort of thing that plays well to the masses.

Generally, if a film is referred to as 'bewildering', it is not intended as a compliment, yet that is the very kind of film I set out wanting to make. I've been very surprised and honored that it has been received and has received the attention and rewards that it has.

This award from the APFF however is VERY special to me because the main theme of this festival focuses on the very element of my film I most worried about while making it, so to win an award that specifically acknowledges that aspect of it is more rewarding that I can adequately express in words other than to say - THANK YOU!

Very Sincerely - Ron Cole :)